If working with coolForm's source code is your choice, you can customize the styling of your forms by modifying the value of Less variables.

Bootstrap variables

coolForm standalone version includes some variables from Bootstrap, all in bootstrap-variables.less. coolForm for Bootstrap also includes the same bootstrap-variables.less file. However, if you are combining source coolForm with source Bootstrap, you can optimize work by replacing bootstrap-variables.less with the original variables.less file from Bootstrap. Same applies to bootstrap-mixins.less.

Further information on customizing Bootstrap 3.

Coolform variables

The file .coolform-variables.less includes some handy variables. Learn more below:





coolForm includes these default messages for <html lang="en"> and <html lang="es">. If you need to change such messages for Spanish, feel free to play with the variables @no-file-attached-es and @multiple-file-attached-es.